Roundup: 10 Fantastic Fabric DIY Headboard Projects

Roundup: 10 Fantastic Fabric DIY Headboard Projects

Considering all the wonderful DIY headboard projects out there, I'm wondering if anyone buys them anymore. I mean, seriously, the average handy-person might not be able to build a dresser, but a headboard? Absolutely. And to prove it, here  are 10  tutorials that cover a wide variety of styles and DIY abilities. 

Kristi was inspired by a $2,200 diamond tufted headboard when she decided to build one herself and saved 'a small fortune.'

With the help of various tutorials Kristin found on the Internet, she and her honey made this gorgeous headboard:

Whitney used a plan she found on Ana White's site to make this upholstery + frame headboard:

Amy's inspiration cost $1450; her version? Under 100 dollars!!!

More studs, more gorgeousness from Caitlyn:

A custom headboard with arms?? Yup:

Here's another one from Sarah. It has arms AND studs AND tufting

A great way to get a tufted effect without the hassle of buttons is upholstering individual squares and attaching them to a foundation board, like Beth did:

Same idea as Beth's squares, but more of them for a patchwork feel:

And, finally, one of my favorites because although some might consider it an upholstery cheat, it's also pure genius. Diane sewed a padded, reversible slipcover, as it were, for the existing headboard on the bed pictured below:

No hammer, no nails AND two looks in one?! Yeah, genius.

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