From Awful to Oasis: A DIY Backyard Transformation

From Awful to Oasis: A DIY Backyard Transformation

Fine Gardening member nmahanay's back yard wasn't used by humans. Then, about 8 months ago nmahanay & co. decided to build a deck back there, and that was the beginning of the end of the back yard as doggie domain. All  the work was DIY and 'totally worth it' as per the owner. It was transformed into a place that nmahanay never wanted be to a place where s/he only want to be. That, alone, is evidence of the makeover's success. Click here to see more pictures of the makeover.

Backyard Transformation [Fine Gardening]

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Anonymous on Jun 07, 2014:

Bummer, it doesnt exist at all anymore!

Ellen on May 06, 2014:

If you will follow the click through above, you'll find more photos, includuing one from pretty much the same angle. That one will show mostly the deck and the plantings around it. 

Cheryl on May 05, 2014:

This  is a terrible picture. It isn't taken from the same angel, the link doesn't even go to a page that shows the transformation. How about you give us more info so we can actually see the backyard?!

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