Roundup: 10 Fabric Decor Projects (That Don't Require A Sewing Machine)

10 Decor Projects Using Fabric

Fabric can be a very affordable material to work with, especially if you're using scraps that you already have. You can also purchase cheap fabric at discount stores, thrift stores and yard sales. Here are ten inspiring fabric decor projects that don't require a sewing machine!   


Creative ways to use fabric without a sewing machine.

1. Make one of these adorable fabric baskets for a fun new storage solution. Here's the tutorial. [Photo: The House That Lars Built]

2. Decorate your walls with a few of these fabric panels (this is an affordable way to fill up a large wall). Find out how to do it here. [Photo: Bella Dia

10 decor projects that don't require a sewing machine.

3. This table runner is a super easy way to spice up your dining table... here's the tutorial. [Photo: The Effortless Chic]

4. A no-sew bunting is a great DIY party decoration that you can whip up in under an hour. Find out how to make one here. [Photo: The Proper Pinwheel]

5. A fabric tassel garland is another festive idea for your walls. Here are the directions. [Photo: Pretty Prudent]

Creative home decor projects using fabric.

6. This braided rag rug requires a bit of hand-sewing, but no machine... here are the instructions. [Photo: Curiously Sarah]

7. Hide your electronics with a few of these fabric speaker covers. Find out more here. [Photo: Farm Fresh Therapy]

Ways to use fabric in your home decor (without a sewing machine).

8. Turn regular old white curtains into striped beauties like these using this tutorial. [Photo: View Along The Way]

9. Believe it or not, this ottoman is a no-sew project... find out how to make your own in this two-part series. [Photo: In My Own Style]

10. Use up all those fabric scraps you have to create one of these colorful wreaths. Here are the directions. [Photo: The Art of Homemaking]

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