Roundup: 10 Fun and Fabulous Office Projects

Roundup: 10 Fun and Fabulous Office Projects

From small organization projects to big, beautiful desks, we've rounded up something for everyone and every DIY ability. Starting with easy organizational projects, this yarn memo board puts a new twist on a French memo  board.

A quick and colorful DIY hanging office organizer for all the sewers in the crowd.

 These embroidery hoop storage bins would be at home in an office or craft room.

Free up some precious desk real estate with these DIY clip-on organizers.

This Anthropologie pen & etc holder is no longer available, but how about just buying a new cheap push broom and twisting the head off? (Makes me wonder how much Anthro was asking for it.)

Using craft-paper-brown painter's tape as a frame for a mood board is a clever idea, especially if it's a temporary mood board in a room that you're making over.

Converting a dresser drawer into a hideaway printer space? Very clever.

For a BIG desk in a skinny space, using kitchen base cabinets as the base for a DIY desk is the way to go. And for an even shallower/skinny desk, you could use upper kitchen cabinets.

Made entirely from scratch, this Restoration-Hardware-inspired desk would feel right at home in my office.

And, finally, a DIY iron and wood desk that includes free downloadable plans. LOVE.

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