Free Download: A Visual Glossary of Home Decor Patterns

Free Home Decorating Terminology Download

Today, we're sharing a super special resource... this is something that I always wished I had, so I decided to make one and give it away. Not sure what "ogee" looks like? Ikat vs. kilim? Download the free glossary and then you'll know! There are 30 patterns to learn about, complete with definitions, images and easy-to-remember facts.   


There are two ways that you can get the free download:

1) Sign up for our free, weekly newsletter (you can always unsubscribe, we won't spam you, and you'll get a link to the download after you sign up). Go to our newsletter signup page to get started. (Note: sign up for our newsletter, not for an account on Curbly.com)

2) Get it from our "Downloads" tab on the Curbly Facebook page: http://crb.li/pdf-downloads (you'll need to become a fan first)

Stay tuned for more downloads coming up (if you fan us on Facebook or sign up for the newsletter, you'll be able to access the rest of the cheat sheets too!)

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faith-towers on Apr 20, 2014:

Thanks for reading, Toni!

Toni Vásquez on Apr 19, 2014:

Hi, I love decorating ideas and I find your blog quite interesting.
Thanks for sharing.

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