Roundup: 6 Inspiring Impromptu Garage Mudrooms

Roundup: 6 Inspiring Impromptu Garage Mudrooms

I try to keep the garage entry to the house tidy, as that's the one everyone uses. But, I've never thought to turn it into an impromptu mudroom. It's a great idea for those without a proper mudroom (me), plus, it  keeps the mud where it belongs: in the garage. I found six spaces that really stir the creative juices. Take a look:

First up is this lovely spot from Triple the Blessings. Hard to believe this space is IN the garage, but it is.

A bright spot in the garage that will surely bring a smile to those who enter:

If you need less mudroom and more storage space, then this idea might be perfect. (LOVE the stenciled house number.]

Some before and after action from East Coast Creative:

Not sure how long white walls would look so pristine, but in this pic and next to that juicy orange, they look quite fabulous. (LOVE the locker room effect.)

Classic black and white with a splash of color is always good combo.  


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Anonymous on Sep 18, 2015:

Where can I get the white hall tree with red cushion? I've searched all over with no luck. It's perfect for our garage

SFerg on Jan 11, 2015:

Where did you get the vinyl lettering, and what font is it?

Cira on Jan 04, 2015:

Painting metal doors works best with a sponge roller and sponge brush. This helps leave no streaks when done properly not to mention easy clean up!! 

I used this idea but altered it to fit my garage. It looks great. Makes the garage entry into the laundry room look so much better!! Thanks!

Anonymous on Oct 04, 2014:

How did u paint your door without leaving streaks???...did u spray paint?

HF on Aug 31, 2014:

We have a mudroom area in our garage and love it. We've never had a problem with bugs. (It's an enclosed garage and we keep it swept out and clean.)

Anonymous on Aug 23, 2014:

Love this idea.. but how do you keep the spiders and bugs under control in a garage?  Just curious!

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