Decor Disputes: Do You Prefer Matching Sofa Sets and Sectionals or Coordinating Pieces?

Matching sofa set vs. mismatched pieces.

People tend to have very strong opinions on this matter. Coordinating sofa sets and sectionals offer an instant sense of cohesion; choosing mismatched furniture, however, takes some extra planning. Which do you prefer? Click through for more examples of each style.   


Both images above use bright pops of color, but in very different ways. The blue sofas are very uniform, giving the space an easy elegance. The living room on the right uses the pink sofa as a guide for the rest of the room, adding other pops of pink to give the mismatched grouping an "intentional" feel. [Photos: Good Housekeeping, Decor Pad

Coordinating Sets & Sectionals:

A matching sofa set and a sectional.

The matching set in the left-hand photo above makes the room seem orderly and symmetrical, offering an air of calm and tranquility. The sectional on the right also lends a sense of symmetry, albeit in a different way. What do you think... are these rooms too matchy-matchy, or just right? [Photos: Paperbacks, West Elm Blog]

Mismatched Sofas:

Mismatched living room furniture.

The mismatched furniture above lends a certain energy to each room, making your eye bounce from piece to piece. In my opinion, the arrangements do still feel balanced despite the various colors and textures. What are your thoughts? Balanced, or too much going on? [Photos: Denise Briant Interiors, Apartment Therapy]

Personally, I'm drawn to the mismatched look... feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below!

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Tammie on Oct 23, 2014:

The matched rooms look like a hotel. The purposefully mismatched rooms are still fluid and you can't stop looking at everything because you feel like you might miss seeing something really cool. The mismatched look can go wrong quickly but the examples you provided show how they can reallly work and seem to feel more "at home".

faith-towers on Apr 02, 2014:

I agree @Amahlala, I think that matching sets can sometimes take away the opportunity to really be creative and experiment with different colors, textures and patterns.... your jewel-toned living room sounds lovely!

Amahlala on Apr 02, 2014:

I prefer that my furniture pieces not be "matchy-matchy." I have tried (in the past) matching living, dining and bedroom suites and I felt as if I was living in a sterile environment; there was no "pop" or feeling of cohesion.

My current living room sports a jewel red couch, greenish-grey recliners and they harmonize and energize the living room, as the accents are black with other jewel-tone colors. The living room sets the wow factor for the rest of my home and it feels beautiful, happy and full of "pop!"

faith-towers on Apr 01, 2014:

Good point @Linda T, quality is always an important consideration... sounds like you have lots of fascinating mementos! 

Linda T on Apr 01, 2014:

My house is totally mismatched because much of it it souvenirs from all my  travels + gifts from out daughters and others.  We shop mainly at thrift stores, auctions and yard sales, so nothing matches but I have a lot of really good quality stuff that wasn't made in China, or put together with staples!


faith-towers on Apr 01, 2014:

@sera that's always the way, isn't it?! Hopefully you can find a suitable replacement :)

sera on Apr 01, 2014:

I like coordinating without fully matching pieces. Of course, I have fully matching couches and chairs in both my sitting room and my tv room. Someday, as I slowly replace my furniture I'm going to have different chairs from my couch. I loved the West Elm Victor chair when they did it in wool plaid. Of course, we didn't pounce and they no longer make it. Sigh. Someday...

Anonymous on Mar 27, 2014:

I love the matching look... the mismatched rooms seem disjointed to me.

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