Roundup: 5 Incredible Garage-turned-Living Space Makeovers

Roundup: 5 Incredible Garage-turned-Living Space Makeovers

Most garage makeovers include things like epoxied floors, custom-built cabinets, and the like. They're great and practical and totally inspiring. But today, I thought it would be fun to see how people have transformed typical garages in atypical ways, whether it's converting the space into a home in and of itself or into a private retreat.        

First up: this garage featured on Casa Diez that was transformed into a standalone office, complete with a bathroom and waiting area.

Number two on the list is this detached garage in Birmingham that became a home office and guest room (including a small kitchenette). See more on Southern Living.

Third: a family in San Francisco turned their detached garage into a 400-square-foot guest home, hang out spot, and office. Check out the feature in Sunset Mag for more.

Fourth in line is Tiffany Angeles' garage-turned-photo studio and theater room in Burbank, CA that opens up into a gorgeous outdoor living space:

And finally, we have a garage in Seattle that was transformed into a 250-square-foot dream home. Get the full scoop on this incredible space in this feature on The New York Times.

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