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Tips for faster cleaning techniques

Sigh ... cleaning. Sigh. My wife complains that when she asks me to help with cleaning she usually just finds me walking around from room to room with a dustpan in hand, trying to figure out where to start. Though I'll admit this is at least fractionally proscrastinative, it's also due to the overwhelming nature of the job. Where should I start!? What should I do!? 

If you have that problem too (and even if you don't), we have a great cheat sheet to offer today. It's a free, downloadable PDF that will get you cleaning as quickly and thoroughly as a maid. You'll be like the Michael Jordan of cleaning, while I'll still be wandering around like Eeyore. Read on to find out how to get the free PDF! 

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created at: 03/20/2013

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Norberto Detrick on Jan 17, 2016:

Thought-provoking article ! Speaking of which , if anyone are wanting to merge two PDF files , my kids discovered a tool here http://ow.ly/Xb6CO

Lisa on Oct 05, 2015:

I signed up for the newsletter, but haven't received a link to print the downloads.

Please help

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