A Really Disgusting Side Table Makeover

A Really Disgusting Side Table Makeover

I agree with Lisa: this side table was disgusting. And not for the reason you might think. Yes, the finish needed some serious TLC, but that was nothing in the cootie department. Let's run through the list. Paper 'stuck' onto the top, wads and wads of gum stuck under the top edge, a half-eaten  King Size Reece's candy bar and two blush-inducing pornographic pictures stuffed behind the drawer. With a healthy dose of Goo Gone and intrepidity, Lisa de-cootie-fied the table and finished it in a lovely, clean, and innocent yellow. This is what the table looks like now: 

The lesson here? For thrifters, disgusting never gets in the way of a good makeover. Visit Before Meets After to read more about the project and to see some disgusting 'before' pictures.

Before Meets After [Pretty Yellow Table (aka the most disgusting furniture makeover ever!)]

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ezbi on Mar 12, 2014:

This style of furniture, in all it's neo colonial 1960's glory, has long been on my not-in-my-house list. The one thing that it all seems to have going for it is fairly good craftsmanship for factory made and solid wood. What Lisa did with this piece is nothing short of amazing. Good bones will overcome disgusting cooties every single time. Bravo!

Les on Feb 26, 2014:

I hope she didn't spend any money on it to begin with. There are plently of these side tables out there that don't have the added so-called 'disgusting' touches... o.O That's just smart/practical thrifting.

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