Eye Candy: 10 Genius Small Space Guest Bedroom Ideas

A small guest bedroom nook with striped walls and gold accents.

Not everybody has the square footage in their home for a spacious guest bedroom. That doesn't mean you can't have one though, it just means that you have to get creative. Check out these ten genius guest bedroom solutions.   


Grown up bunk beds, and a striped bed nook hidden behind a curtain.

1. This idea will appeal to the young at heart... a set of bunk beds! You can have two guests for the footprint of one. [Photo: Love This Crazy Life]

2. Or try hiding a small bedroom nook behind a curtain. [Photo: The Lettered Cottage]

A bed nook with storage underneath, and a guest bed underneath a staircase.

3. This built-in small single bed does double duty, with drawers for storage underneath. [Photo: BHG

4. This person took advantage of the unused space underneath their stairs to create a comfy little hideaway for guests. [Photo: Via House]

A multi-purpose room with a small extra bed, and a bed with drawers underneath.

5. This narrow room with a dormered ceiling is just the right amount of space for an extra bed, and can be used as a library when guests aren't visiting. [Photo: Nuevo Estilo]

6. This high extra bed creates space for cabinets underneath. [Photo: Decoration Trend]

A trundle bed in the attic with pink throw pillows, and a blue and green office with an extra bed.

7. A trundle bed in an attic space can be a reading nook or a playroom when not in use. [Photo: News 163]

8. This room serves two functions - an office and a guest bedroom. [Photo: Publistorm]

A bed hidden behind a partial wall, and a bed nook with striped walls and gold accents.

9. A pretty wooden screen hides this bed from view. [Photo: The Brooklyn Home Company]

10. This small day bed was placed snugly against the wall to maximize space in the rest of the room. [Photo: HGTV]

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faith-towers on Feb 18, 2014:

I know what you mean Courtney... my dog would probably love to take a nibble out of it!

Courtney on Feb 18, 2014:

I love the screen in #9, but I'm afraid my cat would decide it was a climbing toy.

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