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Eye Candy: 14 Bold, Red Interiors We Love

by on Feb 13, 2014

As you probably know, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and to honor the holiday we’ve rounded up 14 stylish red interiors! (Normally, red rooms make me think I’m in a David Lynch movie or something — but I promise these aren’t creepy!) Check ’em all out below.      

Rooms and kitchens with red walls.

Images via: 1. Desire to Inspire 2. Better Homes and Gardens 3. Vogue Living

Red walls in a kitchen, entryway, and bedroom.

Images via: 4. Brita Sweden 5. 101 Woondeeën (A bit more on the orange side of things, but an awesome use of color!) 6. Domaine

Traditional style rooms with bold red walls.

Images via: 7. Redbook 8. Redbook 9. Kitschy Living 10. Home Bunch

Modern red dining room and living room.

Images via: 11. Desire to Inspire 12. Desire to Inspire 13. Bloesem

A floating red cabin.

Image via: 14. Because I’m Addicted (This one’s a bit of a cheat, obviously, but a floating red cabin in the middle of the woods? That stuff is too cool not to share.)

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