9 Clever Tips For Hosting A Fabulous Wine And Cheese Party

9 Clever Tips For Hosting A Fabulous Wine And Cheese Party

Wine and cheese parties are my favorite kind of bash to host, because the clear theme eliminates the need to cook a million different apps and mix drinks all night. But if you don't know much about wine, it could be a little daunting. Well have no fear my friends, because I'm going to share some fool-proof tips and resources with you.   


1. First, learn the basic rules of wine and cheese pairing. The list above is a super handy visual guide... check out the rest of it right here. Or buy this clever little flashcard style book if you're looking for more in-depth information. [Photo: Love Letters To Home]

2. Next, grab a few accompanying snacks at the store. To heighten the flavors of the cheese, it is recommended that you have some sweet elements like grapes, honey and preserves, as well as a couple of crunchy options like walnuts or pistachios. Plain crackers are also important so guests can cleanse their palates before trying each new wine. Check out some other helpful tasting party tips here. [Photo: Passports & Pancakes]

3. If you're doing a blind tasting where people rate each wine, then you'll definitely want to download these fun free printables to cover up your wine labels. Get them here. [Photo: More Design Please]

4. These personalized wine glasses would be a nice touch... buy them here. Or try making your own with Sharpies if you have nice handwriting! [Photo: Rachel Carl]

5. Cover your cutting board with brown kraft paper and then write the names of the cheeses next to each one, as shown above. [Photo: Leslie Reese]

6. Wow your friends with these DIY geometric wine stoppers. Read more here. [Photo: The Merry Thought]

7. Make some of these adorable cheese knives using wine corks... find the tutorial here. [Photo: YarniGras

8. Want to host a more interactive party? Make your own cheese! Grab these mini cheese kits right here for $10 each. [Photo: Urban Cheesecraft]

9. Here's another online guide which focuses specifically on the cheeses, and then suggests food and wine pairings. [Photo: BHG]

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Kay on May 31, 2014:

I scattered some dry bars and stools around to create a casual atmosphere.It also allowed guest to put there glasses down. A small cheese board on each table looked amazing.

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