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8 Easy and Fun DIY Dinner Theme Party Ideas

by on Feb 6, 2014

A purple and white table with chairs around it.Jason Mize

Sure, dinner parties are typically for celebrating some sort of life event (a birthday, an engagement, retirement — you get the idea), but there’s no rule saying you can’t throw one just because!       

We’ve rounded up 8 easy and fun dinner party themes to get the party-throwing juices flowing. Enjoy!

Color Palette Party:

Choose a color and run with it! All-green foods, green decor, and guests dressed head-to-toe in the same hue… you get the idea! Don’t want to stick to just one? Throw a ROYGBIV/rainbow party instead or a black and white party.

Pictured above: A purple ombre party photographed by Jason Mize. See more over on Style Me Pretty.

Historical Era:

Whether you throw a 1920s bootlegging party, a 1950s casserole potluck, or a medieval mead-swilling, turkey leg chomping feast, pick an era that speaks to you and go all out with an historically accurate menu, drinks, decor and/or costumes.

Favorite Movie/Book/Play:

Throw a party inspired by your favorite book, movie, play, or even board game! If it’s a food-centric movie or book, even better. If not, focus on decor and/or creating the right ambiance.

Food Month:

Did you know that May is National Strawberry Month? Or that April is National Grilled Cheese Month? Take a look at this list of ‘food months’ and throw a dinner party based on one of your favorite.

Favorite Foods Potluck:

The idea for this one is simple: everyone makes and/or brings their favorite food. It’s a fun way to get to know people and will make for an interesting and unpredictable feast!

Harvest Party:

Make food using ingredients from your garden or local farmer’s market and invite guests to do the same! It’s a great way to use up surplus from an overly bountiful garden and/or to support local farmers.

Dessert Party:

Skip the main course and go straight for dessert! Whether you provide a range of desserts or go potluck-style, this is a great theme for those with a sweet tooth!

Craft Beer-Tasting Party:

Plan a night to taste various local microbrews or share the efforts of your own home brewing endeavors! Not a beer person? Throw a wine tasting party instead.

Have some more ideas to add to this list? Tell us some of your favorite dinner party themes in the comments!

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