Before and After: A Forgotten Bar Gets a Quick and Easy Refresh

diy bar makeover
We moved into our house in June. One of the unexpected treasures the previous owner left behind was this old pine bar.   


It had been sent to pasture long ago, relegated to storage for weed killer, gasoline and fescue seed in the shed behind the house.

We’re having some good friends over tonight to celebrate my 30th and Meghan decided the party wouldn’t be complete without our very own drink station.  She started searching at the usual places, craigslist, her favorite furniture stores, ect., and then I remembered my old friend in the shed who could do the trick with a little TLC.

Old Bar Before Closeup
We did not have a ton of time, just a couple hours, so I was going to have to move quick.

First thing first, we wiped off years of dust and neglect, giving the bar a good clean.

Cleaned Up Bar

Next up was sanding. The original plan was to paint it all white. Clean and simple. But while running the orbital sander across the top of the bar, I was amazed by the grain of the wood that was beginning shine through. We may have hit a jackpot.

Sanding the Bar

Bar Top

I sanded the rest of the bar and then on to paint. Meghan refused to let me paint the top of the bar, so I taped it off real quick, grabbed a brush, some paint we had around the house and laid down the first coat.

Painting Bar

One more coat and our new (old) bar was ready to move to it’s place for the night.

Second Coat

Pretty incredible what a few hours and a little paint can do sometimes: 

The only thing we had to buy was a new bottle opener to attach to the side. 

We love how this turned out!

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Victoria Ross on Mar 07, 2014:

Looks like another successful project.  We might having something like this in a shed back at the farm. Might give this a try this summer! You can never have too many bars, right?;)

Thanks for sharing,


Meghan and Al on Mar 07, 2014:

Thanks Courtney! Check the post now. There's a wide shot of the bar before we moved it inside.

Meghan and Al on Mar 07, 2014:

@Barbara - thanks! It's been a great little addition for us already.

Barbara on Mar 07, 2014:

When ever I see a piece that someone has hand made, I always try to treat it with respect.  Someone worked hard on it, was proud of it, and it probably has some pretty good memories attached (even if we don't know what they are).

Glad to see you fixed it up instead of trashing it.  Hope it brings YOU a lot of good memories to pass on to the next person that gets it and uses it.

Courtney on Mar 05, 2014:

Wish you had included a pulled-back shot so we could see the whole final bar.  The close-ups look good, but I want to see the whole thing!

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