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D.I.Y. Screen Printing

by on May 15, 2007

Ever wanted to learn how to screen print right from your very own home? Well we’ll show you the easy way with just a few simple steps. You can subscribe to our DIY videos on iTunes and check our website for more D.I.Y. lessons and info. Watch the entire video below and see below for step-by-step instructions.



– embroidery hoop (as big as you want your image to be)
– mod podge; water resistant glue
– thinly woven mess fabric
– fabric ink
– computer and printer
– pencil
– iron
– old paint brush

First, decide on an image and print it out. For this method of screen printing, the simpler the image the better. Before printing, make sure it is the exact size you want your print to be.

Screen printing ideas you can do it yourselves.

Now, take your embroidery hoop and separate the inner hoop from the outer hoop.

Two large embroidery hoops, one of which is being held by a person.

Stretch the fabric over the inner hoop. I used old nylons for this screen, but in retrospect, i would use something less stretchy (like sheer curtain material). The nylons were a little difficult to work with.

A woman is in green tank top looking directly.
A person stretches some nylon fabric over an embroidery hoop.


Then, put the outer hoop over the fabric and inner hoop, continuing to pull the fabric tight.

Small white hands holding a round white object with a shadow over wood.


Tighten the screw on the outer hoop to keep the fabric in place.

Once you have your screen all put together, lay the screen, fabric facing down over your printed out image. Tape the image to the screen so it doesn’t slide around.

A screen printed design being prepared
Use your pencil to trace the outline of your image onto the fabric.

A person uses a pencil to trace an image onto some nylon fabric wrapped around an embroidery hoop.

Flip your screen over, so the fabric is facing up and paint Mod Podge into all of the negative spaces of your outline. Make sure to fill in all the spaces you don’t want to see printed on your shirt with ink. It will take some time for the screen to dry.

Hand symbol carved in clay in circular mold.

A hand is holding a container of Mod Podge craft glue.

A person uses a pencil to outline a design to be printed on a piece of fabric wrapped around an embroidery hoop.

A round tan object with a hand holding up the devil sign.

* Wash your paint brush when you are finished. Once Mod Podge dries, is does not come off.

After the screen is completely dried, you are ready to make your first print!

Take out a teeshirt or pair of jeans or something, and place the screen, fabric facing down in the desired spot. Anchor it down so it doesn’t move.

A symbol with a hand is designed on a white shirt.

Glop some ink down onto the screen and spread it around with a piece of cardboard. Make sure to get full coverage. i messed up a little on this one, but i still like it:) do a couple passes with the ink over your screen to make sure you’ve got it all.

A person is holding a container of screen printing ink.

Hand design embossed on plain shirt next to containers of ink.

A person is painting on white shirt with a happy face.
Slowly, pull the screen away from the shirt. Let the ink dry completely.

"A screen Printing on a Cloth"

follow the heat sealing directions for the ink you choose. i had to iron mine for 2-3 minutes on both sides.

A person is ironing printed paper with iron box.

you can use your screen print over and over and over again. make sure to wash the ink of the screen when you are done or it won’t work anymore.

"Washing something in a kitchen Sink"

i really enjoyed doing this project. this was my first DIY screen print so it was pretty much an experiment from the start. i felt very accomplished when i was finished. right now working on another one…with better fabric:)



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