Before and After: A DIY Painted Floor Makeover

Before and After: A DIY Painted Floor Makeover

This factory in Brooklyn was converted into a loft space, which is awesome... not so awesome was the century-old layer of grime and who-knows-what embedded in the wood floors. So what does a design-minded DIYer do? Paint the floors of course!       

That's just what artist and One Kings Lane editor Megan Pflug did, but she took it one step further by including a playful pattern inspired by the 'Bacterio' pattern designed by Italian designer and architect Ettore Sottsass.

It's a super fun solution that can be customized for a variety of spaces. Fortunately, she's provided a tutorial for painting your own patterned floors, which you can check out on One Kings Lane!

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Les on Jan 30, 2014:

I LOVE this! The pattern design part is a little kitschy in my opinion, but the homeowners love it, and that's what matters. Love the gray color they chose, too. And so glad to read they thoroughly sanded and cleaned the floors before painting. The Curbly blurb made it sound like they just painted over the grime - eew! lol

Will on Jan 29, 2014:

Hm. The before had character.

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