Roundup: 10 Brilliant Brunch Party Ideas

Roundup: 10 Brilliant Brunch Party Ideas

I'm having some friends over for brunch next week, and I'm pumped about it because I rarely have the opportunity to cook breakfast for guests. It's the perfect excuse to experiment with smaller portions, and also try my hand at some new DIY projects for the table. Here are some of the clever ideas I've gathered so far.  


1. Assemble mini parfaits in shot glasses or small cups. Here's the tutorial. [Photo: How To: Simplify]

2. Keep milk cool with these DIY ice buckets. Find out how to make them here. [Photo: One Charming Party]

3. Use satsuma oranges to make brightly colored place cards using these easy instructions. [Photo: Good Housekeeping]

4. Serve fruit salad in waffle cones - no bowls necessary! [Photo: Food Your Way]

5. Tall candlesticks seem too formal for the type of brunch that I'll be hosting... so I might go with these aromatic coffee bean tealights. [Photo: Smashing Tops]

6. Ham and egg cups are the perfect single serving breakfast food. Find out how to make them here. [Photo: Style at Home]

7. This is a fun presentation idea for pancakes. [Photo: The Creationz Studio]

8. A brunch party would be the perfect chance to use fruit in a centerpiece. Try a crate of peaches like the image above, or consider a large clear vase filled with lemons and limes. [Photo: A Glimpse of Violet Hills]

9. French toast skewers might be my new favorite thing... brilliant! Find out how to make them here. [Photo: Pixel Whisk]

10. A coffee and tea bar is a nice touch too. [Photo: Hostess With The Mostess

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Monica on Feb 06, 2014:

Thank you for featuring something I shared on my blog!

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