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How to Build a Swedish Fire Torch

by on Jan 22, 2014


Whether it’s for camping or enjoying in the back yard, a Swedish Fire Torch is a lovely way to enjoy a flame and maybe make a S’more or two. The editors of Smart Bushcraft explain that it only takes a small of space and, because of its vertical construction, it’s a great fire to build in the snow. It begins with a good-sized, flattish log (if you want to put a pot or pan on top of it) that’s split into quarters (or sixths) and then reassembled, leaving gaps between the ‘pie’ pieces. The rest is just kindling and a match. What’s great about this method of fire building is it requires no further attention once the flame gets started, and it’s lovely to watch, which means it’s perfect for backyard parties. To see the entire process, click here or watch the video below:

How To Make A Swedish Fire Torch

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