Roundup: 10 Genius Gift Wrap Storage Solutions

Roundup: 10 Genius Gift Wrap Storage Solutions

Now that Christmas is over, I have massive piles of gift boxes and ribbon that I plan to reuse next year. I also have lots of new gift wrap that I picked up on sale at the store. But I don't have anywhere to put it! So I decided to find a way. Here are some of the genius ideas that I found.   


1. Add casters to the bottom of a trash can... instant rolling storage! Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Chez Larsson]

2. Use a paper towel holder to corral all of that unruly ribbon. [Photo: Listotic]

3. Curtain rods make great wrapping paper storage... all you need to do is hang some hooks. [Photo: Progression By Design]

4. Stick dowel rods through a plastic caddy for a super clever (and functional) way to store ribbon. Find out how to make one of these yourself here. [Photo: Minimoz]

5. Don't forget about the space behind your doors. [Photo: Deviato]

6. Turn a stool into a rolling gift wrap station... genius! [Photo: Mundoikea]

7. Use hangers to store gift bags and sheets of wrapping paper. [Photo: Real Simple]

8. Pegboard is a great way to customize wall storage space. [Photo: Country Living]

9. Have lots of skinny ribbon? Use Tic Tac containers to organize them! [Photo: Pressa Citroner]

10. Use curtain clips to hang all of your gift wrap on a rod... it will also keep the rolls from becoming too unruly. [Photo: Brooklyn Limestone]

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Anonymous on Mar 04, 2014:

Where do you get the baskets on Photo 5?

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