How-To: Geometric Numbered Cork Coaster Tutorial (With A Free Printable)

How-To: Geometric Numbered Cork Coaster Tutorial (With A Free Printable)

Coasters make great gifts. Always have, always will. But these coasters are especially fun because they are numbered - and each one has a different geometric design. Click through to download the free printable template!   


You can customize the color to your liking - I made mine specifically for the holidays, but a metallic silver might look nice for everyday use. Or you could even paint each one a different color! 

Now, onto the tutorial. 

1. Here are the materials that you'll need:

- Roll or sheet of cork (at least 1/4" thick)
- Paint, in a color that contrasts well with cork
- Printable PDF template (click here)
- Avery Full-Sheet Shipping Labels (size 8.5" x 11")
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Paintbrush
- Spray sealer (optional)

2. Begin by cutting six pieces of cork that are 3.5" x 3.5" square. If your cork has been rolled up for a long time, you may want to place your squares underneath some heavy books for a few hours to flatten them out.

3. Now print the PDF template and cut out the first red coaster pieces. The thin red lines around the outsides are just guides - you only need to cut out the solid red shapes and numbers.

4. Peel away the backing on each red piece and place them on your coaster. If you forget which piece goes where, refer back to your on-screen PDF template. 

5. The pieces may not adhere completely to the cork... that's okay. 

6. Your coaster should look like this now that all of the pieces are attached. Do the same for the rest of the coasters.

7. Now it's time to paint. Press each piece down very firmly and begin gently adding paint to the surface. Instead of making large sweeping brushstrokes across the coaster, instead make small dabbing strokes as if you are stenciling. 

8. Let them dry for at least an hour, then peel away all of the red pieces to reveal your beautiful geometric patterns. 

And that's all - your coasters are complete! I tend to use coasters for hot drinks like coffee and tea, so there isn't usually a lot of condensation happening. But if you often drink iced beverages, then you might consider finishing it with a spray sealer such as FolkArt's Matte ClearCote Spray.

Pretty cool looking, right?! Happy crafting everyone!

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onel on Jan 03, 2014:

I might try with the silver metallic but your green coasters look stunning too! (I'm a huge fan of green) Thanks a lot for the inspiration! They are lovely :)

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