10 Alternative Places To Hang Your Christmas Stockings

10 Alternative Places To Hang Your Christmas Stockings

Not everyone has a mantle. And even if you do, it doesn't mean that you're required to hang your Christmas stockings on it. Here are ten super creative alternative places to hang your stockings.    


1. Hang your stockings from a branch and then mount the branch to the wall... how festive! [Photo: Some Kind of Lovely Ride]

2. Another pretty branch example - only this person used smaller stockings, and more of them. [Photo: Living Vintage]

3. Or you can hang them in your front window. I love this idea because they can be seen both indoors and outdoors. [Photo: Better Decorating Bible]

4. You can also just stick your stockings right on the wall! They become decorations in and of themselves. [Photo: Mouse Volatile]

5. You could also consider hanging them from a bookshelf and hiding the hangers with some pine boughs. [Photo: Through The Front Door]

6. Have an old window lying around? Use it to hang your stockings on the wall. (At first glance, it almost looked like they had been hung from a piano - that's a good idea too!) [Photo: Crystelle Boutique] 

7. A doorframe is another good place to utilize during the holiday season. Hang a ribbon at the top of the frame, and attach stockings all the way down the length of the ribbon. [Photo: Rust & Sunshine]

8. A ladder is a creative place to suspend stockings from. Click here for a bunch of other super inventive stocking-hanging ideas. [Photo: A Spotted Pony

9. A coat rack with hooks is another good idea. [Photo: Songbird Blog]

10. Try hanging matching stockings along the railing of your staircase for a festive solution. [Photo: BHG]

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