Roundup: 10 Easy Christmas Decorations Using Goods From The Grocery Store

by on Dec 12, 2013

A wreath made from cinnamon sticks hangs from a red and white checkered bow.The Frugal Homemaker

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to make a special trip to the craft store to find all the materials for the perfect Christmas decorations. But most of us make a trip to the grocery store every week or two anyways, right? So why not get creative and make your decorations from things you can find right in the produce aisle? Or the candy aisle? Here are ten easy (and affordable) ideas.   

Food-themed Christmas decorations include a wreath made with herbs, hanging orange slices, and a cranberry and popcorn garland.

1. Make a garland using cranberries and popcorn like the Dyer family did… the only other materials you need are a needle and thread. [Photo: Dyeries]

2. Grab a few bundles of herbs from the produce aisle and make a fragrant wreath for your front door. Find out how to make your own here. [Photo: The Herb Gardener

3. Dehydrated oranges make pretty ornaments for the tree – find instructions here. [Photo: Parent Map]

A Christmas themed tabletop decoration is a large jar filled with layers of limes, cranberries, oranges, and pine branches.

4. Fill glass jars with strategically picked beans and dry goods – here Amanda has used dried split peas on the bottom, then white beans and red beans above. Top with a candle or a floral arrangement. [Photo:]

5. Layering fruit in a glass jar as Kristin has done is another super easy way to create a pretty centerpiece. And if you don’t leave it out for too long, you can eat the fruit afterwards! [Photo: Sweetheart Moments]

Varieties of Christmas decorations in hanger, table and glass jar.

6. Hang candy canes individually using pieces of red or green ribbon for a simple window decoration. [Photo: Kidskubby

7. Cut shapes out of orange peels and thread green string through for another fruity garland. Here’s a simple tutorial. [Photo: My Cherry Blog]

8. This might be my favorite – place greenery in the bottom of a mason jar, fill with water, and then top with cranberries and a floating candle. Or you can use a shorter jar like I did here. [Photo: Hometalk]

Roses and mints in circular pattern on a tray on a table.

9. Make this eye-catching centerpiece using mint candy and roses. Find out how to make your own here. [Photo: Southern Living]

10. A cinnamon stick wreath makes an inviting adornment for your front door. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: The Frugal Homemaker]

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?It displays that christmas decorations using goods from the grocery store.

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