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Sharpies + Alcohol + Ceramic Tiles = DIY Coasters

by on Nov 15, 2013

The Sharpie Blog

If you’re into paper crafts, you’ve probably heard of alcohol inks. They’re very cool and not inexpensive for what you get (tiny bottles/big price). Caitlin, on The Sharpie Blog, shows us how to use good old Sharpies and rubbing alcohol do a DIY version of alcohol ink. In her tutorial, she applies the technique to inexpensive white ceramic tiles fashioning very cool coasters

Vividly colored square coasters with marbled, swirled colors effect.The Sharpie Blog

A quick and inexpensive project to add to you’re arsenal of handmade gifts. For the entire tutorial, visit this page on The Sharpie Blog.

Coasting Into Spring [The Sharpie Blog] 



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  1. Awesome, I’ve done this with paint and alcohol before. It’s fun. Never thought about trying it with Sharpie Markers! 

  2. Can I use this for tiles in the bathroom? Or would the colour eventually come off?

  3. What a nice idea. When I TRIED it this was a horrible idea! they looked like trash. You didn’t give good instructions, like any tips like maybe you should drop it from a distance. It was a great idea, but a crappy presentation.

  4. I’m trying the aboarve coaster project also and not getting the results as the pictures show.  No pretty designs, just a huge, ugly mess.  I am using white ceramic tiles, sharpie markers and an eye dropper to place the rubbing alcohol on them.  Letting them dry but nothing pretty is happening.  Just a big disappointment.  Anyone know if I’m doing something wrong or if the instructions are well versed?  Thanks for the help.

  5. Can I steal this with Epoxy resin? Will the resin react with the Sharpie marker and alcohol and mess up the beautiful marble effect?

  6. Any clue as to why I can still see my marks after I put alcohol on them? If I put too much alcohol then the ink basically comes off. Thanks.