How to: Brilliant Wax Paper Lantern Project

How to: Brilliant Wax Paper Lantern Project

My mouth dropped open when I ran across this project; it's pretty darn genius. There is a certain wintery elegance about these lanterns, and they give off the perfect amount of warm cozy light when the candles are lit inside. These would make the perfect gift. Click through to find out more about these elegant little beauties.   


The key tool here is an iron; the heat melts the coating on the wax paper so the sheets stick together. You can press anything flat between the sheets of paper.... big, colorful autumn leaves would be gorgeous. These were created for use at a wedding, but they would also be wonderful inside on a mantle or a coffee table. Find the full tutorial for this easy (and budget-friendly) idea over at Once Wed.

DIY Wedding Wax Paper Lanterns [Once Wed]

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faith-towers on Mar 08, 2017:

Anna - I would err on the side of caution... maybe try flameless candles, or make the lantern nice and big so there's no danger of the bulb touching the side. Have fun!

Anna Savio on Mar 08, 2017:

These look amazing by the way! :D

Anna Savio on Mar 08, 2017:

Will the wax melt if I put actual T-light candles in it?
Or even use it as a lamp shade?

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