How to: Make a Dramatic Test Tube Vase in 3 Easy Steps

Makle this simple DIY test tube vase!

Who doesn't have a bit of 2" x 4" in their stash? That's all you need in the lumber department to make our 4th easy-peasy scrap wood project. We're labeling our test tube vase 'dramatic' because of its a generous height: 9 1/2" sans flora and 16" with flora. Positioned at the center of our rectangular dining table, it provides an impressive focal point without taking up a bunch of real estate. 

Unlike our last few projects, this one does have a supplies list. They are:

  • A length of 2" x 4", any species, at least 7 + inches long (although, you could cut down a 2" x 6" too)
  • Saw (table or hand, etc.)
  • A drill press or a hand drill
  • A 1" forstner or regular drill bit (although, forstners are especially good for this kind of drilling)
  • 5 - glass 25mm x 200mm test tubes (I found ours at our local surplus store for about $2 each, but they're readily available on line as well)
  • white primer, spray or brush-on
  • white spray lacquer
  • ruler/measuring devise

Step 1: Cut the 2" x 4" to a 7" length--we used the table saw.

Step 2: Set up your drill press or drill with the 1" bit and drill 5 holes evenly spaced across one long thin edge of the board approximately 5/16" apart from each other and 2" deep. It's imperative that each hole be the same depth, so you might want to mark your bit with some tape to know how far down to drill. In our case, we just took the bit down to the chuck.

Step 3: Sand, prime and shoot with a coat or two of lacquer.

Finally, add test tubes, water and flowers and stand back and bask in all your handy glory. Again, this is a quick, easy, and inexpensive gift for the holiday season!

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