Play Guess the Gadget: The VINTAGE Edition

Play Guess the Gadget: The VINTAGE Edition
Thought it was about time to play another guess-the-gadget game. But to make things interesting, this time we're going back in time to kitchens of yesteryear. As always, hints along

  the way!

1. We'll start with an overly easy one:

2. Back in the day, this one worked slick as cream:

3. Hang on and don't cry over this one:

4. One has something to do with this one:

5. It's cone shaped; that should be enough of a clue:

6. Next in the roe is a head-turner that really measures up (I think I may have sprained something coming up with this hint): 

If you get the next two, you are a time traveller. Go home!

7. As for what this doohickey makes, I would advise against taking it in your lunchbox, but you can eat it for dessert:

8. Nip it, sweetie. Nip it good. (Insert Devo riff here.)

  1. Egg Cooker (for lifting out of the saucepan)
  2. Dream Cream Whip
  3. Hoan Onion Holder
  4. Egg timer with server/storage
  5. Ice cream scoop
  6. Egg beater with measuring cup
  7. Ice cream sandwich maker
  8. Sugar-nippers (Back in the day, sugar came in big cone-shaped loaves. To make it user-friendly, the mistress of the house would have to break a chunk off the loaf and then nip the sugar into  smaller pieces for cooking and neat lumps for tea. If powdered sugar was required, the mistress would employ a mortar and pestle.)

So? How'd you do??

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