Intro to Hipster Houseplants.

I'd be cool if I never saw another African violet in my life, but that certain doesn't mean I don't love a little in-home foliage. None of the species below cost much, and all can be grow large enough to fill the grandest of empty space

Intro to Hipster Houseplants.

Dracaena Marginata. “Dracaena.” It’s leaves explode like fireworks, and are a must have in your tiki-themed patio.  Keep in bright, but not direct, sunlight; mist leaves regularly, and keep soil moist. (Photo courtesy of solverde.com.ar)

Odontoglossums. “Butterfly Orchids.” Orchids require only a small container, but can grow up to 24” within weeks. Water once a week, but never allow them to sit in water, and drain excess moisture often. When well cared for, they will flower yearly. (Photo courtesy amazonfoliages.com)

Sansevieria Trifascita Laurentii. “Mother-in-law’s tongue.” “Snake plant.” It’s familiar sword-like leaves suggest danger and exoticism, and works well in mid-century and Asian decors. Keep in indirect light, watering weekly during the hot season, and monthly during winter. (Photo courtesy of botanical-online.com)

Agave Americana. “Century plant.” It ain't just for tequila anymore. It’s symmetrical leaves suggest hi-tech

precision, with an enticing curiosity. Store in a contemporary container to increase its industrial feel. Water sparsely (it’s a cactus, after all). (Photo courtesy of crateandbarrel.com) 









Cyperus Albostriatus. “Umbrella Grass.” It’s soft leaves serve as a self-contained contrast to its tall, straight stems, and almost screams “put me in a loft.” Keep the soil thoroughly moist, in a bright room. (Photo courtesy of ask-alex.dk)

Monstera Deliciosa. “Split-leaf philodendron.” A classic in every respect, which suits every page of a Herman Miller or Knoll catalog. Everything about it is cool, from its Latin species name (sounds enough like delicious monster to me) to its Greek genus: "Love Tree." Be sure to check out The Monstera Deliciosa Illustration Gallery for a houseplant send-up only Monstera Deliciosa deserves. Also check out his friend, the Swiss Cheese Philodendron, for a little more tongue-in-check. Grow in medium light, and water well in summer, allowing the soil to dry in between, and spraying the leaves. Transplant as necessary. (Photo courtesy of monstera.jp)




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badbadivy on May 10, 2007:

I just bought the ultimate in hipster houseplants, an orange tree! ;)

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