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Roundup: 12 Delightful DIY Halloween Treats

by on Oct 11, 2013

From spooky to creepy to beautiful, these 12 Halloween treats are some we’d love to make, give, and serve!

Scary and absolutely luscious are these ‘Witchy Black Candy Apples.’ Too pretty to eat, but, then again, you may not want to, especially if someone by the name of ‘Regina‘ is offing them. 

"Halloween treats using DIY"Spoonful

A bit more gentle—but just as sweet—are these easy Candy Corn Cupcakes from The Curvy Carrot. 

"Delightful DIY Halloween Treats"The Curvy Carrot

Speaking of cupcakes, these Mummy cupcakes are (dare I say?) adorable.

Mummy inspired cupcake with blue eyes.Food

A zombie is missing his brain. Either that or this is a red velvet cake disguised as such. Complete with edible blood and carving knife.

A knife is put through a fake brain on a tray.Just Imagine

From brains to bones, these meringue femurs are not just for werewolves.

Frosted bone cookies in cookie dirt with spiders on an oval plate.Gross Halloween Recipes

If favors are your thing, these Witches Brooms are cleverly made out of 2 brown paper lunch bags. They don’t reach 0 to 50 as quickly as a Nimbus 2000, but they get the job done. 

It displays that some halloween treats.The Krazy Coupon Lady

HGTV supplies the printables to make this darling Treat Cone. 

"Delightful DIY Halloween Treats"HGTV

How Does She make these Mummy Cookie Suckers? Click here to find out. (There are instructions for making ghosts and tombstones too.)

"A Delightful Halloween Treats"How Does She?

Another cookie pop, but this one is from scratch

Spiderweb cookies with spiders and popsicle sticks on a plate.Babble

Bakerella shows us how to make these delightful Sparky-inspired cake pops on Spoonful.

Little clay model of a halloween dog.Spoonful

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen more perfect jack-o-lantern cookies than these from Sweet Sugar Belle. Too pretty to eat, Belle shows us how we can get the same results. (Although, I have a feeling mine wouldn’t turn out as beautiful.)

"A Delightful Halloween Treat"The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle

And, finally, we’re ending with a complete food station from One Charming Party, which includes a Halloween Candy Compote and Cupcake Owls, among other yummy things. 

"Delightful DIY Halloween Treats looks attractive"One Charming Party

Reese's Pieces and Oreo cookies are rearranged to form edible owl cookies.One Charming Party

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