How To Tie Dye... Punk Rock Style!!!


How To Tie Dye... Punk Rock Style!!!


Ever wanted to tie dye your own shirts but maybe thought it would be too messy? Well here's a simple and mess free method to a kick ass tie dyed shirt... punk rock style of course!

Below, we'll show you how - including a video of the whole process at the bottom!

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1. You will need an old shirt and a few different cans of spray paint. (Flat of Ultra flat spray paint works the best). We decided to go with camoflage.



2. Then, pinch the middle of the shirt and twist it into a spiral. Make sure all parts of the shirt are bunched up, then you're ready to apply the spray paint!


3. Cover the entire bunched up shirt in spraypaint, and let dry a few minutes and you've got your first layer.


4. For more spiral patterns, twist the shirt up in different places then apply different colors. 


5. Now flip the shirt over and do the same thing to the back...
6. Congratulations! You've just made a punk rock tie dye shirt!!!!




Watch the video:



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Anonymous on Aug 04, 2014:

Can you wash these or will the paint come out?

Chris Gardner on May 10, 2007:

What what the matter with the first time you posted it?

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