This Old Box: When Wood Floors Match the Kitchen Cabinets

This Old Box: When Wood Floors Match the Kitchen Cabinets

I think I've been in one too many kitchens that have hardwood floors that match the cabinets. Not only have some been the same color, they've also been the same wood species. Sometimes I feel like I've been trapped inside box (or worse yet, a coffin) when I walk into these kinds of kitchens. How about  you? If you have limited experience with carton kitchens, here's a bunch of images to illustrate:

These kitchen cabinets appear to be maple, the floor oak but as the color is the same, there's little or no contrast.

Looks like this one is all cherry, both wood and tone:

Although this kitchen IS actually carton-color, it's much less oppressive than the rest on this list, which is probably why I like it.

The blue wall in this kitchen is certainly contrasty.  As far as the cabinets and flooring, they don't get much more matchy-matchy.

Now let's move away from the matching wood, shall we? More of an igloo than box, check out this ice cube:

How about a big black box? (Wonder if there's a data recorder in there somewhere.)

So, what do you think? Do any of these kitchens appeal to you? If so, which and why? Or do you think they'd make you feel like you were trapped in a carton?

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L. Sobota on Feb 02, 2016:

I'm sorry that you don't like the first few "oak on oak" type kitchens. I think they're lovely. Evidently you are blessed with more $ to redecorate with, but I have beautiful "oak on oak" that I will decorate around. I do agree with you on the all white and the all black, though.

TKraft Art & Interiors on Oct 01, 2013:

Good subject and great timing... we've been hashing this exact discussion for two weeks with floor guy. Had open concept plan after ripping out major walls. Needed to marry existing floors into one cohesive color so we had floors and stair treads refinished and stained in a darker color and the new med colored hickory cabinets have a strong presence and don't blend or melt into the floor. The floors and cabinets each have their own wow factor.

rachel on Sep 21, 2013:

I agree, too. No matching cabinets, walls and floors for my kitchen. Contrast gives life to any room.

kath on Sep 21, 2013:

I actually have this in my house, and my husband is a high-end builder, but with the style of my home, it works. We also have black granite countertops and the walls are painted brick red. Plus, the room is open to the rest of the first floor, so it minimizes the boxy look. Our kitchen is the most popular and complimented space in the whole house, so obviously it's not always a fail.

MaryJo on Sep 20, 2013:

I agree, please have different colors and/or textures with your floors and cabinets!

Kim Mcm on Sep 20, 2013:

I hate it when the cabinets and floors match.  I work in a big box home improvement store, and I meet people all the time who think this sounds like a good idea.  Amateurs.  I always try to convince them that a little contrast is a good thing.  I tell them, if they can't tell where their floor ends and their cabinets begin, what's to stop them from walking right into the cupboards?  Then I tell them to go online and look at kitchens and make note of the ones they like and get ideas from there.   I'll refer then to this article from now on.

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