How to Make a Rental Sink Cover with DIY Vessel Bowl

How to Make a Rental Sink Cover with DIY Vessel Bowl

I'm not sure if this idea is pure genius or an accident/leak waiting to happen. (Let me know in the comments, please.) A renter had a sad little sink with no personality, so he/she decided to cover it with  a piece of plywood cut to fit over the entire top of the cabinet, sink and all, and then fixed (glued?) 12" x 12" over the plywood. No mention of drilling/nipping a hole in the plywood/tile, but I'm assuming that's what she/he did.

Then, a stainless steel bowl was glued/caulked into place. Another hole would have had to been drilled through the bowl for drainage, of course. The original faucet was removed and then replaced for something that would work with the new vessel sink. No mention about the possibility of the top shifting. I'm assuming the new faucet helps keep it in place. As for where the water goes, that would be in the sink below, which, it appears, won't be cleaned until the renter moves out and dismantles the cover. So, is this rental sink cover genius or what?? (And for more DIY sinks and such, click here.)

Rental Sink Cover [RoomZaar]

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Anonymous on Sep 22, 2013:

Wow. Bad news. She could have just changed out the faucet for something cute and more practical and saved herself a lot of work and future aggravation. When she moves out, change the faucet back to the original (if the landlord doesn't like the improvement).

MLHD on Sep 20, 2013:

God forbid the sink below ever clogs up!

Anonymous on Sep 20, 2013:

AND the after is just as ugly as the before.  Terrible idea.

Angela on Sep 20, 2013:

Idiotic. Anyone with half a brain and no experience with anything but CLEANING -- realizes this is a dumb idea. Plus, you have more work than just TAKING OUT the sink and replacing it with your own counter and sink then replacing it. 

maureen on Sep 20, 2013:

i'm with anonymous on this one. 

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2013:

Assuming Curbly has not just been punk'd, I'd say this tenant can kiss his/her security deposit goodbye. When s/he moves out, there will be a metric ton of mold & mildew under & around the plywood & all over the landlord's Orange-Vest Special sink/vanity. Not to mention that the faucet & hoses might have been irreversibly tweakedby this tenant's "remodel." The stainless steel salad bowl is too flimsy to use as a sink; who knows how It was affixed to the plywood; and now the vanity height is screwed up unless this tenant is taller than 6'. As a former landlord and lifelong DIYer, I give this "project" two thumbs down.

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