10 Clever And Insanely Easy Ways To Reuse Old Materials

10 Clever And Insanely Easy Ways To Reuse Old Materials

File this under the "why didn't I think of that?" category. With vacation mode winding down and a new school year upon us, most of us could use a few tips to help everyday life run a bit more smoothly. But the best part about these genius ideas is that you most like already have all the materials you need right in your home.   


1. Turn a cd spindle into a bagel sandwich holder. [Photo: Environmental Art Blog]

2. Find out how to reuse a water bottle to create an airtight seal for plastic bags here. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

3. Use funnels to dispense yarn or string. [Photo: Martha Stewart]

4. Cut the clips off of plastic hangers to create chip clips. [Photo: Craftster]

5. Use plastic bread ties to label the mess of cords in your power strip. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

6. Find out how to cut leftover PVC pipe to create organized curling iron storage here. [Photo: Family Handyman]

7. Make a long countertop trivet using wine corks. [Photo: Wine Harlots

8. Paint and mount old cans for colorful wall storage. [Photo: Recover and Release]

9. Use fabric scraps and hair ties to create a door jammer (no more door slamming or accidental lock-outs!). Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Crafty Bridge]

10. Cut the top off of a box of salt to create a long lasting dry goods dispenser. Find out how here. [Photo: Slow Mama]

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