Help! What's the Best Silver Metallic Paint on the Market?

Help! What's the Best Silver Metallic Paint on the Market?

I feel sick. Last night Sweetie Pie brought home a scale model of a Boeing 717 that he received from a business associate. As I was admiring it, I turned it on its side to read the inscription on the bottom of the base that holds the arm that in turn holds the plane itself. To my utter horror, the  plane wasn't attached. It fell off its pins and hit my tiled kitchen floor. The rudder cracked and those horizontal stabilizer dealies broke off completely. Sweetie Pie suggested that we either glue it together or just toss it so I wouldn't have to think about/look at it, and therefore, be sick about it.

I had another idea, however. Glue, yes, but how about I shoot it with a silver metallic paint to help cover the scars? My only problem is, I'm usually disappointed in the quality of the metallic that comes out of a can. Usually it looks like satin-grey. I'd like something a more brilliant. So, I thought I'd throw the question out there to all my fellow Curbliers to see if we can get a consensus on a brand that provides a proper metallic finish. And if you'd like to weigh in with brushed nickel, that'd be great too! As for the airplane in question, I'll share photos, even though they make me want to cry.

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Juan Ramirez on Dec 28, 2013:

use rustoleum silver metallic, i use it on guitars that i paint, its the only one i will ever use, only one brand not compatible with, do not mix with duplicolor paints, dont ask how i know that, other than that ive used it with krylon and sum cheapie paint and had no problems, after painting level clear coat and hit withj rubbing compound an polish, looks like glass everytime, stay away from chrome paint 

Neta on Sep 20, 2013:

I recommend using chrome spray.  I've been really happy with it - you really get that SHINY finish.  I get it at an auto parts store (Advanced Auto), and it is what you use to touch up chrome parts on your car. 

mattbot on Sep 15, 2013:

montana silver is super metallic!

Anonymous on Sep 13, 2013:

I'm a fan of RustOleum.  I don't like the Krylon spray cans and I've had a problem with Valspar spitting globs and ruining my projects. 

JulieLinn on Sep 13, 2013:

I have used Krylon, Rustoleum and Valspar.  I will NEVER, EVER, EVER use Krylon ever again, it is horrid.  It spray everywhere but where you aim.  Rustoleum is great for anything, however, for my last project it only came in Glossy, and Glossy wouldn't work for this.  So I tried Valspar and OMG!!! It is the finest spray paint I have ever used, hands down.  Two cans of Valspar did the work of 10 cans of Krylon. If someone got a bad can of Valspar, let them know on Facebook, you will be surprised at how they stand by their product. 

I don't know the staying power of Valspar spray as I just used it recently. I am still a big fan of Rustoleum as I know that it works on my outdoor decor.

The reason I am so excited about the Valspar is that it is a once over cover paint.  The whole paint, spraypaint thing hurts my big recycle everything bones, so to me it might be worth its weight in gold.

Shala on Sep 12, 2013:

The Valspar is awlful. The paint doesn't spray out evenly. I reccomend avoiding it.

Amanda on Sep 12, 2013:

My DH does toy customizations and I sent him your post.  This is his response:  "I think the 1st comment has it nailed, probably. My biggest piece of advice is to test-spray on a similar substrate prior to application on the plane. Her description of the finish she's looking for is a little lacking-- if she's looking for a truly mirror-like chrome finish, she's SOL (unless she learns how to apply chrome, something I've seen some people do). no matter how shiny the lid is on the krylon, it's not going to be the same. I've experimented with many, many golds (and a few silvers) and have never found one I'm truly satisfied with. It's like white or yellow-- getting a smooth coat (the provides coverage) with a brush is near-impossible, and spray cans don't always look like what's on the label. I'm also surprised that she and/or her husband are willing to kill all the detail/decals by spray-painting. unless she's somehow trying to match the existing factory-applied metallic colors, in which case she is so far beyond screwed that the light from screwed will take a few lifetimes to reach her."

Ryan on Sep 12, 2013:

Ace Hardware Mirrored Silver SKU 1236595

DIY Maven on Sep 12, 2013:

@inge—could you recommend a brand?

inge on Sep 12, 2013:

Maybe use chrome spray instead, for a real glossy look

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