How to: Make a DIY Mini Bell Jar

How to: Make a DIY Mini Bell Jar

The popularity of bell jars (aka cloches) doesn't seem to be stopping. I have one—a big one—that encompasses a lot of real estate. A small do-dad can get lost in it. So I decided to make a mini bell jar  for a tiny figure, giving them both prominence. Making a mini bell jar is about as easy as it gets. Here's what you need:

  • A stemless wineglass
  • An acceptable drawer pull (I found mine in our collection in the garage)
  • Your favorite glue (I suggest E-6000)

Basically, you just put those three ingredients together, gluing the knob onto the center of the bottom of the wineglass. 

Then, find something interesting to put under it. My figurine came all the way from the Great Wall, so he's extra special.

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DIY Maven on Aug 19, 2014:

SB--I didn't sand it. The stemless wineglass doesn't have much weight to it, but if you're worried about he finial/pull coming off, I'd just lift it up by the glass. 

SB on Aug 19, 2014:

Now I know I'm tired...missed the "stemless wineglass" part.  But, do you have to lightly sand the bottom of the "stemless wineglass" so that the adhesive sticks better?

SB on Aug 19, 2014:

What did you use to cut off the wine glass' stem?

Cathy on Sep 16, 2013:

This is wonderful! Thank you for the idea : )

Eva on Sep 16, 2013:

Where is the picture?

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