Eye Candy: Tile Shop Showroom Tour

Eye Candy: Tile Shop Showroom Tour

Even if you buy all your tile and tiling needs at a big box store, do yourself a favor and visit a dedicated tile shop before your next project. Good shops feature vignettes using their products which is like visiting the kitchens and bathrooms of over a dozen Parade-of-Home homes all in one place. Over the weekend, I made a trip to my favorite tile vendor for inspiration concerning a possible bathroom re-do. As I was ogling the displays, I thought of my fellow Curbly peeps and decided to bring y'all on the tour with me. So here goes . . . 

Are wall-hung sinks this decade's pedestal? Maybe, because they were everywhere.

Some even had storage below, like this one.

And this one. 

And this one. Did you notice the mirrored-frame mirrors? Also hot. (Note to tile shop employees: maybe it's time to dust the light fixtures.)

This idea was interesting in that it forgoes the cabinet altogether and employs a built-in shelf-like deal. Great for a DIYer that isn't thrilled with the notion of woodworking. 

As for the sink, I'm not sure. What do you think?

Of course, another way to eliminate the need to build a vanity is to re-use a dresser. Not sure if this one was dedicated as such originally, but the idea's there. That's slate, btw. Both on the walls and floor. I LOVE slate, but it's not easy to work with.

Console sinks were in abundance too. I'm not really into ornate, but the frame of this mirror really struck me. 

I totally adored this last vignette. Probably because of all the straight lines. Plus that mirror and vanity is totally diy-able.

The earthy blue running bond tile doesn't hurt either.

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