Eye Candy: Great-Looking and REAL Dorm Rooms

Eye Candy: Great-Looking and REAL Dorm Rooms

The problem with rounding up a bunch of images of great-looking dorm rooms is many on the interweb aren't real. I mean, they're real in that there are walls, windows, beds, bedding, etc. in the vignettes, but they don't look like most you'd see in the real world. For instance, take a look at this image courtesy of IKEA. Pretty, yes, but an actual dorm room  at an actual college? Maybe. Maybe not.

Or how about this room from Pottery Barn. Comfy-cozy, but is it really typical of a college dorm room? None that I've seen.

SO...for this roundup, I decided to look for actual dorm rooms--at least rooms that look like they are--because if you're off to college in the fall and expect the last two spaces, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. 

Our first victim is actually a makeover story. (Click here to see the before.) Now the room is fresh, inviting and not one bit 'institutional'. 

Gabby's dorm room is full of color and personality. Just like she is. 

Love the warmth of this room.

Red, white and blue always look fresh together, and they're perfect for the poli sci major. 

Ah, yes...cinderblock walls. They're popular in dorm construction. The lofted bed, wall art and curtains in this room soften them, making them (almost) disappear. 

These stylish roomies coordinated. Hope they're BFF.

Purple is a great color in and of itself, but it's the perfect transitional color for those of you who want to shake off the 'kid' room feel at home. Still fun, but when used as an accent with the right colors--like white, black and gray, which might be in abundance in a dorm--it can be sophisticated too. 

Another great color paired up with black and white is Tiffany and damask blue, like in this room:

And there we have it. If you're off to college this fall, keep in mind color and texture as they are by far the best way to bring life and personality to even the most institutional dorm room. 

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