Unbelievable Painted Chair Makeover

Unbelievable Painted Chair Makeover

Mandy was given a leather (or possibly naugahyde) chair for which she had BIG plans. Recovering it was on the top of the list, but when she maybe-not-accidentally dripped some paint on it, her plans changed. She decided to paint it with  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg. I think we can all agree the after (above) is lovely--but when we consider what it looked like before, it's kind of a miracle!

At the time of her posting, Mandy had been using the chair every morning for a week and the paint hadn't cracked. To read more about the makeover, visit The Project Queen

Annie Sloan Paint Does it Again! [The Project Queen]

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Linda on Feb 01, 2014:

Now, almost one year later, how is it holding up?

I have some chairs, that were not free, and they are too dark for the room.  Would love to paint them but concerned about cracking.  Can you please provide an update?


RaszArt on Jul 28, 2013:

I paint everything from wood to fabric to floors and never thought of painting a leather/ naugahyde cover piece of furniture. This is great!

DIY Maven on Jul 24, 2013:

@Janet--If I were you, I'd look for the Milk Paint that was used in this project. Sounds like people are getting incredible results with it. 

Janet White on Jul 23, 2013:

Can I paint my Queen Anne chairs with fabric paint?

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