Roundup 10 Summer Food Recipes From Around The World

Roundup 10 Summer Food Recipes From Around The World

Today we take a little trip around the world. I've round-up 10 delicious summer dishes, all of which work well as sides to a collective 'global' spread, a complex mix of textures and tastes, bound to entice guests.

Fire up the barbecue, get some drinks on ice and indulge in a little bit of global fusion.


Mexican Chipotle Elote

1. Mexican Chipotle Elote via The Chubby Vegetarian

Greek Lamb Meatball Salad

2. Greek Lamb Meatball Salad via Body And Soul

English Pea Salad

3. English Pea Salad via Katie At The Kitchen Door

Vietnamese Bun Cha

4. Vietnamese Bun Cha via Minimally Invasive

Spanish Fisherman's Paella

5. Spanish Fisherman's Paella via Saveur

Indian Carrot Pachadi

6. Indian Carrot Pachadi via Epicurious

Thai Summer Rolls

7. Thai Summer Rolls via Fannetastic Food

Turkish Dolmades

8. Turkish Dolmades via Eat.Live.Travel.Write

French Salad Niçoise

9. French Salad Niçoise via Bonnetable (Translated Link)

South African Cape Malay Pickled Fish

10. South African Cape Malay Pickled Fish via Martha Stewart

Happy dining!

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bruno on Jul 23, 2013:

Holy crap: yum.

Matt Allison on Jul 23, 2013:

Thanks Chris! I wanted to try select several, easy, shareable dishes to compliment a summer barbeque, rather than individual main course dishes. They were all chosen to pair well, in both textures and tastes.

Chris Gardner on Jul 23, 2013:

Great picks! Awesome roundup, Matt.

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