How to: Make a DIY Outdoor Living Plant Wall

How to: Make a DIY Outdoor Living Plant Wall

We’re happy to partner with Dremel Weekends, a new DIY website from Dremel featuring step-by-step guides to craft, home and garden projects for all skill levels. New projects weekly, ranging from Outdoor Movie Screens to Built-In Shelving, with lots of inspiring, fresh ideas in between.

What sort of outdoor projects do you have planned for the summer? Our vote is to create something both beautiful and functional, like this living wall that'll freshen up any outdoor oasis, whether a small urban patio or a spacious backyard.

How to make a living plant wall


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This how-to uses easy-to-work-with (and outdoor-friendly!) cedar wood to create modern stacked planters you can fill with fresh herbs, flowers, and other greenery to liven up your patio or backyard. The cuts are made with the Dremel SM20 Saw-Max™ and joined with finishing nails, so it's a great project anyone can complete, even if you don't have lots of woodworking experience.

Be sure to get the kids involved with this Dremel Weekends project by getting them to pick out their favorite flowers and greenery. As an optional final finishing touch for your living wall, add some Solar Lanterns to help light up the space at night!

DIY Living Wall on Dremel Weekends

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Anonymous on Aug 15, 2015:

Just wondering what size length/ type of wood screws were used for this project. 

gia on May 15, 2015:

i would like the know how as to how to make this

Anonymous on Mar 09, 2015:

Where are the measurements!?!

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2015:

Duh! Found it.

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2015:

Can anyone share the cut list for this project. I can't seem to find it.

Anonymous on Aug 02, 2014:

If you are using this for edibles,   be careful not to use any treated woods as you don't want to eat that in the foods.

Samantha on Apr 21, 2014:

I just builit this and intend to use it as a herb, vegetable, and fruit wall. However I am having a hard time deciding what will grow best in the boxes. 

Anonymous on Mar 29, 2014:

Where do I find the article to see how to create this?

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