Eye Candy: 6 Modern Red, White and Blue Rooms

Eye Candy: 6 Modern Red, White and Blue Rooms

Today in the U.S. we are celebrating Independence Day, or as my English brother-in-law might say, the day 'We were freed of them." But be that as it may, I thought I might take the opportunity to find some modern red, white and blue interiors, because, let's face it, oftentimes that particular color combination stirs up images of country. Not so for  these quite fabulous interiors. Check 'em out.

This first one is actually in Town Hall Hotel and Apartments, located in London. So very subtle, but all the colors in question are represented.

Have you ever considered decorating with the American flag? No? This next one, which Jasper Johns would have probably liked, might change your mind. 

To Toronto we go for this room which leans a bit more coral in its choice of red. 

This one might be called red, white and moody. (Heart the red T-Rex.)

Even with the country accents, this bedroom feels fresh. (Who doesn't love a dog in a tie?)

There's nothing subtle about our final inspiration. Blue, white and red all over, it makes me smile--and kinda hurts my eyes at the same time. 

So there you have it! If after seeing these inspirational photos, would you consider decorating in red, white and blue or do you think they're best left on the flag?

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