DIY Idea: Make a Reclaimed Wood Planter Wall

DIY Idea: Make a Reclaimed Wood Planter Wall

Move over, wallpaper. Take a hike, paint! There's a new accent wall treatment in town -- and it's green from head to toe.       

Reclaimed, up-cycled materials? Check. Oxygen-generating, mood-soothing, "bringing the outdoors in" plants? Double check. This wall, spotted in Studiomates' headquarters (a collaborative work space founded by Swiss Miss blogger Tina Eisenberg), is a refreshing spin on a traditional decor element. It's also an easily DIY-able -- and affordable -- idea that would look great in a variety of homes!

What do you think of this accent wall idea?

Get a full tour of the Studiomates work space, beautifully photographed by Julia Robbs, right here.

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Reese on Aug 13, 2013:

Looks like Ikea.

vanessa on Jul 15, 2013:

check this out for Martinas wall!!

FlagirlinTN on Jul 10, 2013:

I love it too!  Thrive maybe?

Jack on Jul 09, 2013:

Wow that couch! Any info available?

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