Brilliant: Refrigerator Turned Ice Chest

Brilliant: Refrigerator Turned Ice Chest

An old upright refrigerator was resurrected into an ice chest that would be the envy of any backyard party. Wrapped in  cedar (looks like) and elevated on new legs, it is unrecognizable. Of course, since it's now an ice chest, that means it needs ice--not electricity--to keep stuff cold, which means it would need some sort of a drain hole. As far as the safety of the ice chest around little kids, I'm thinking those new wood-covered doors aren't exactly light, plus, if it's fill with brew, there'd be no room for them.

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Anonymous on May 15, 2015:

I'm thinking you could also use for storage of porch cushions or pool floats. It would have lots of uses besides being an ice cooler.

Anonymous on May 14, 2015:

So many idiots, asking stupid questions, fill with ice cubes, don't plug it in dumbass.

Anonymous on May 13, 2015:

Do any of you know that if you cut the refrigerant lines and let the refrigerant escape, the EPA can stick youi with a hefty fine?

Steve S on Nov 04, 2014:

Just a reminder to make it lockable so no small kids can get inside.

Anonymous on Apr 26, 2014:

I just got an old fridge to so this with for my son's patio. My only question is what about the plastic shelves that are molded on the door? Are those removeable or do you have to put something in place

Rob on Jan 30, 2014:

No you are missing the idea its a cooler not a fridge anymore you dont plug it in you remove all the compressor coils all that

Michelle on Jul 29, 2013:

It's not designed to work as a fridge like that, it's designed to be an ice box, for outside.... For when you have people around, fill with ice, place drinks in it... 

Anonymous on Jul 13, 2013:

No a fridge needs to stand up straight to work properly..... I am a appliance repair guy.... The compressed in the bottom of the fridge has oil in it to keep the motor lubricated if it is tipped on its side that oil will run into the lines and plug up the gas that is used to cool the unit.... But if that's what u want it for that a chest freezer is all you need

Jeanio on Jun 25, 2013:

I wonder if it's still working as a refrigerator. And if it will work on its side. Also, if you are using it as an ice chest you probably can get away without legs, (I, obviously, think this is such a great idea I'm already making plans!)

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