Before and After: Colorful Painted Dresser Set

Before and After: Colorful Painted Dresser Set

Last week we had a post showcasing a before and after of an MCM dresser that put some people on edge. The purists were ruffled! Today, we have another example that just might keep the pot boiling. Shari made over an MCM dresser set, giving it a 'campaign' feel. A shadow of its former self, the dressers now sport a lively Benjamin Moore teal ocean, corner brackets to give them a campaign feel, and a new base. Visit Turn Style Vogue to see b & a's of the dresser's partner and then tell us what you think! 

Furniture Debut: Sea Glass I & II (Turn Style Vogue)

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Chuck on Apr 02, 2014:

Oh dear God Almighty! That looks hideous! The color is nice, but not on that (once) lovely piece of MCM beauty. Blergh!

Jeff on Jun 19, 2013:

The original was pretty bland, unlike the piece in the last makeover.  I like it!

fairladyinsocal on Jun 19, 2013:

I agree, the thing that doesn't "work" for me is the "campaign chest" corner brackets.   The turquoise color is great.

Pat on Jun 19, 2013:

I love it! Love the color, & love the brackets!

I have a similar set, chest & dresser, with formica tops. I'd love to paint them, but how do you treat formica to accept a coat or two of paint?

Anonymous on Jun 18, 2013:

Love it.

MotherLodeBeth on Jun 18, 2013:

WOW that is so beautiful, simple and elegant.  Love the colour and the small addition of the brackets.

cherie on Jun 18, 2013:

yayaya! looks way better

Pat L. on Jun 18, 2013:

I love it and I love people who give the classics an updated, new life.  So if you want to paint it, stain it or whatever, you saved a piece of history and I applaud you.

Margaret on Jun 18, 2013:

I love the color and the brackets!

I'm sorry that I missed the big hurrah about the last piece!  I guess I'd have to go back to what Mother told me, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."    I could understand if someone saw the piece *pre* makeover and suggested an appraisal to be sure they weren't painting a gem, but good grief!

I just might get torn to shreds about this one:  I painted a card catalog purple and white.  I was fortunate to save it from a trash pile, and I loved it.  I resisted painting for many months, but it didn't fit anywhere in my house the way it was.  Now I have it in my funky kitchen and get to use it every single day.  The library was a special place to me growing up, and I understand how lucky I am to have the piece.  However, I am so glad I made the decision to paint it.

Anonymous on Jun 18, 2013:

I guess I like the color change but those brackets seem like a style clash.

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