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How To: Turn Pickle Jars into Apothecary Jars

by on Jun 10, 2013

When Amanda saw Tauna’s pickle jar turned apothecary jar, she had to make one of her own. This is Tauna’s creation: 

A glass container has orange candy in it.Creative Confetti

And, this is Amanda’s:

A light blue ornate glass stand filled halfway with colored candies.Pinterest and the Pauper

Beside the jar and lid, which Amanda actually bought at a hobby store versus Tauna’s which actually is an empty pickle jar, the materials to make one include a candlestick, a washer and nob, a finial, some spray paint and various glues. When done, Amanda’s jar tops out at a whopping 20 inches tall! To read about how each project was done, visit Creative Confetti (Tauna’s) or Pinterest and the Pauper (Amanda’s).

Super Glue and a Pickle Jar Too [Creative Confetti] and DIY Apothecary Jar [Pinterest and the Pauper]

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