Roundup: 7 Super-Chic Pet Bowls

Roundup: 7 Super-Chic Pet Bowls

These super-chic pet bowls aren't for those on a budget. Oh, no. They are for the fur child who has everything (and doesn't even know it). Take a gander, and then whip out the plastic.

We're going to start out oh-so-lux with these  leather-wrapped, white ceramic bowls from Waifs & Strays, available at Scruffinmutts. The bowls will set you back 50 British pounds or about $78 US. The matching leather mat, which you gotta have if you're gonna fork over that $160 on bowls, will set you back another $90 US. (Available in tan--shown--and black. Black puppy not included.)

These Creatures have some excellent hanging and free-standing bowl sets for 'the modern creature.' 

This is Bunky posing with his Chrysanthemum standing feeder in 'Coral' ($90 - $110).

And this is Robo Cop enjoying his Cat with Fish hanging feeder ($175).

Alessi has some great options for both felines and canines. Their Lulu dog bowl ($57) is especially charming. And it has a cover. 

For the Brat Pack type canine, check out this black bow tie arrangement from The Sassy Pup ($33).

From Tea Cups Puppies, these Anderson Dog Bowls ($37 - $55) are made of Acacia wood. Lovely.

For an elegant dining experience, this Studio Table TABLE, also from Tea Cups Puppies ($260), might be the way to go. The bottom is made of pickled ash and the top is white granite. Schmancy.

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