Roundup: 10 Simple Pet Toy Tutorials

Roundup: 10 Simple Pet Toy Tutorials

My pup Charlie goes through toys quickly. And I mean really quickly. What can I say? The dog loves to play. So I've found that the best option is to make toys and games for him. Here are a few of my favorites, along with some great toys for your feline friends as well.   


1. Make a bell toy for your cat with these easy instructions. [Photo: Martha Stewart]

2. Place pieces of treats underneath tennis balls.... inside of a muffin tin. Genius! [Photo: Bark Box]

3. Is your cat driving you crazy scratching the furniture? Create this pretty little scratch pad to divert the bad behavior. Find out how here. [Photo: Design*Sponge

4. Upcycle an old shirt to make this simple dog toy. Check out the tutorial right here. [Photo: Ammo The Dachshund]

5. Use fabric scraps to construct an improvised "rope" toy. Find out how to make one here. [Photo: DIY Your Face Off]

6. Check out the tutorial for this colorful feather toy here. [Photo: The Thrifty Mama]

7. If your dog is constantly getting into mischief, he or she might be just bored. Try making this super easy interactive tennis ball toy using these directions. [Photo: Romp Rescue]

8. Another tennis ball toy... are we seeing a trend here?! Make this one using these instructions. [Photo: Wise Bread]

9. Flex your sewing muscles by creating one of these cute little mouse toys. Find the tutorial here. [Photo: Design*Sponge]

10. Make a few of these bird toys for your kitty using these directions. [Photo: Heavily Edited]

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Faith Towers on Jun 21, 2013:

No problem @Anne, love those feathers!

Anne on Jun 20, 2013:

Thanks for including me here (#10)! Lots of cute ideas.. my kitties would love that scratch pad!

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