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Curbly Shopping Guide: 20 Cool Products for Pets!

by on Jun 5, 2013

June is kids and pets month here at Curbly which, as a self-proclaimed “Crazy Dog Lady” makes me really happy! While I love all animals and pets, today I’m focusing on the furry kind: cats and dogs. Check out my top ten picks for each and give your four-legged friends something to really bark (or purr) about!     

First up, dogs! I have two and, when I’m not sharing DIY ideas and home decor inspiration on Curbly, I’m geeking out about all things canine on Dog Milk. So, obviously I’m excited to get a chance to share some of my favorite dog products with you. Check ’em out:

It displays that the cool products for pets.

1. Stuff-able Dog Duvets by Molly Mutt

2. Collars and Leashes by See Scout Sleep

3. Modern Raised Feeders by DocaPet

4. Rope Ball Tug Toys by Waggo

5. Collapsible Travel Bowls by BlissPaws

6. Handmade Collars (over 150 available colors/patterns) by Mattie & Margot

7. Collars and Leashes (made from 100% recycled plastic bottles) by Waggo

8. Rope Animal Toys by Jax and Bones

9. Eco-Friendly Beds by P.L.A.Y.

10. Travel Carriers for Dogs and Cats by Sleepypod

And now for some fine design for felines! While I’m deathly allergic to cats, I’m still a design lover. Here are a few of my fave products for cool kitties:

A group of various colorful illustrations of camping tools.

1. Scratchdeck Cat Bed by Kittypod

2. Turbo Track Cat Toy by Bergen

3. Modkat Litter Box by Modko

4. Stackable Cat Tower by Bowsers

5. Pyramid Cat House by LoveThyBeast

6. Modern Cat Scratcher by Modko

7. Hemp Cat Pouf (filled with buckwheat hulls) by Kittypod

8. Re-Purposed Cork Cat Toys with Organic Catnip by HausPanther

9. NomNom Cat Bowl by Hepper

10. Pod Cat Bed by Hepper

Do you have a dog or cat? What are their favorite toys?

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