The Incredible Flying House and Other Artful Architecture

The Incredible Flying House and Other Artful Architecture
A recent trip to Franconia Sculpture Park in Franconia, MN, made me see architecture in a whole new way. Or maybe it made me see art in a whole new way? I'm not sure. I mean, I've always seen (some) architecture as art, but never art as architecture. Especially in a literal sense. Confused? Me too. Let's try an example. Melanie Van Houten's incredible "Reclamation," which is the size of a one-stall garage, suspends  7 feet above ground via a series of cables. It's utterly magical in an Auntie Em kind of way. 

Heather Hart's installation made me smile, although uncomfortably so--I felt like I might see a pair of ruby slippers sticking out from underneath it. Called "The Northern Oracle: We Will Tear the Roof Off The Mother," visitors can duck inside and check out the rafters.

See? (That's Sweetie Pie's legs you're lookin' at.)

Sadly, I don't have the artist of this next piece, a 28 foot lookout tower that patrons can climb.

And, yes, I climbed it. 

These are just a few examples of the very large pieces you'll find at Franconia Sculpture Park. If you happen to be in the area, I highly recommend a visit, BUT if you can't visit, then I invite you to take a virtual tour of the park. It's quite magical. 

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