Roundup: 10 Easy DIY Projects For Your Pets and Furry Friends

Roundup: 10 Easy DIY Projects For Your Pets and Furry Friends

When I adopted my puggle, Charlie, two years ago, one of the biggest surprises was how much stuff I needed to get for him...and how expensive everything was. So of course, the logical solution was to start making things... and you can too! Here are ten of my favorite projects.   


1. Upcycle those holiday popcorn tins into stylish cat or dog food storage containers. Print out the custom labels and read the tutorial here. [Photo: Momtastic]

2. Make these modern etched glass treat jars using these instructions. [Photo: Dog Milk]

3. Make a dog bed just like Monte's... head over to Camille Styles for a full tutorial. [Photo: Camille Styles]

4. Make a modern indoor dog house for your pup. [Photo: Dog Milk

5. Cleaning out the closet? Use an old sweater to make a comfy bed for your furry friend using these easy instructions. [Photo: Woman's Day]

6. Check out this cool geometric wooden dog house over on Dog Milk. [Photo: Homemade Modern]

7. Ready to get your hands dirty? Make your own dog house for the backyard. A full tutorial is available here. [Photo: Grit]

8. Make a fun paint-dipped bowl set using this tutorial. The added bonus? The Pyrex dishes come with airtight lids so you can pop the bowl in your bag if you're heading out. [Photo: Pretty Fluffy]

9. Make a collapsible bowl for your cat or dog... a great option for traveling. Find out how here. [Photo: Craft Stylish

10. Personalize your pet's bowl with a little paint and some transfer paper. [Photo: Martha Stewart]

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Serenity de Clare on Jun 17, 2013:

Ah, yes!  I see it now!  I can see how they can be used for kitties too.  Thanks!

faith-towers on Jun 17, 2013:

Don't worry @Serenity de Clare, we love cats too! Almost all of the projects above are great for both cats and dogs (with the exception, maybe, of the dog houses). And #9 was actually originally designed for cats! 

Serenity de Clare on Jun 17, 2013:

Um, this is all well and good for my parents have a dog up at the house we all share, my sisters and I too, but y fiancée and I can only have a cat in our tiny, homily, modest apartment. Perhaps you could do a post for those who own cats as well?  Just to be fair.  Thanks ?

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